Nusa Lembongan Little Paradise In Pulau Bali

If Lombok has plenty of dyke, Bali has it! So yes, Next to the island of Bali you will find 3 little islands which are extremely Beautiful and still enter the state of Bali. Nusa Lembongan Bali, Ceningan and Penida, the three little islands have a natural attraction that’s not little white sand, clear sea water, and the reefs on the exotic side of the beach, how come it is really paradise’! If in Lembongan, the good place can nevertheless be achieved on foot, so it’s more friendly for the family. Okay, now I explained how to get there.

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To cross the simplest Lembongan and Penida from the port of Sanur beach. Yes, it isn’t a real port, since there are no docks or anything, to scale the boat You need to be wet on the beach, so I suggest wearing shorts so it does not get wet. Aside from Sanur, You may also cross through Tanjung Benoa or Padang Bai. In case Padang Bai is a real port, this port is usually used to go to Lombok and Gili Trawangan. Whereas Tanjung Benoa, this really is the middle Of snorkeling, paragliding and cruise for You that wish to a party on board or just play games.

If from Tanjung Benoa, usually there’s a transportation in the kind of a cruise, whether from Padang Bai there’s an inexpensive speedboat and public boat. I buys a boat ticket a week before departure, through one of the speedboat agents on the world wide web, prices around IDR 250, 000. Lembongan can be reached for frothy five minutes to one hour if utilizing a speedboat from Sanur. The day before I arrived in Residence 808 in the Canggu area. By Canggu to Sanur it really only takes one hour, and my speedboat schedule is 8.15 in the morning. Since of late, I abandoned at 7 am, the time was really tight and ramble, eventually missed the ship: (Fortunately, I can nevertheless take the next boat at 11: 30 without paying again, only when exploring it is going to be reduced., in order that until Lembongan may walk directly away only return at the hotel, this is till the Lembongan is 12 o’clock past.

Once you arrive in Lembongan, wow this is an extremely beautiful island. The water is clear, the sand is white, it is really small. There are 2 boat stops in Lembongan, 1 in Jungut Batu and 1 in Mushroom Beach. I have already booked his hotel in the Mushroom Beach area, next to his boat stop, the plan is that right up to the port, you would like to drop the merchandise directly in the hotel, then yanking the suitcase on the sand is difficult, so the hotel is close to the port. But due to the lack of thoroughness, I picked speedbot, the I speedboat turned out to dock at Jungut Batu, and it actually looked for the hotel.